Alek Pharmacy

Our Services.

Alek Pharmacy as a healthcare solutions provides individuals and healthcare provider a variety of services from Rapid health checks, Vaccines, Breast Screening and other essential and express services with our wide range of Pharmacists and network of healthcare providers, we are certain that you will receive world class service from the click of a button.

Variety of our services includes:

Keeping you healthy


Our 24/7 Online Pharmacy is always available and Swift delivery to your destination. 

Health is Wealth

Rapid health checks

Alek Pharmacy offers a standard Rapid health assessment for its clients

Strengthen your defense!


We administer and provide all forms of vaccines from Polio to Covid 19 vaccines.

More Loyalty

Reliance HMO

Alek Pharmacy is recognized by your favorite HMO brand. Reliable and Trusted

Awareness Is Power

Breast screening

We provide the best facilities for breast cancer screening.

Live empowered

Weight management

We cater to our clients who are ready to lose weight with our Tested weight-loss plans.

Got your back.

Travel medicine

Ready to travel aboard? You don’t have to be scared of getting sick. Alek Pharmacy got you

Quality service

Subscription Packages

Get discounted prices when you subscribe to our packages.

Medication Safety

Medication Review

We have professionals always on stand to review your medication

Caring is our calling

Distance is never an issue when you can get to us anytime. We are here for you everytime of the day!

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