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Discover Alek Pharmacy: Your Trusted Health Care Solution Center. We offer a comprehensive range of services designed to meet your needs efficiently. From rapid health checks and vaccinations to essential screenings and express services, our team of experienced and dedicated pharmacists is here to provide top-notch care

Variety of our services includes:

Keeping you healthy


24/7 Online Pharmacy. Swift delivery to your door. Convenience and care, anytime, anywhere

Health is Wealth

Rapid health checks

Rapid Health Assessment for Clients – Quick and Accurate Evaluation of Your Well-being

Strengthen your defense!


From Polio to COVID-19, Alek Pharmacy Administers a Range of Vaccines

More Loyalty

Reliance HMO

Alek Pharmacy Welcomes Reliance HMO Health Insurance Customers – Your Preferred Provider for Quality Care

Awareness Is Power

Breast screening

State-of-the-Art Breast Cancer Screening Facilities. Experience the Best-in-Class Screening Services at Alek Pharmacy

Live empowered

Weight management

Comprehensive Weight Management Solutions. Whether You’re Aiming to Lose or Gain Weight, Alek Pharmacy is Here to Support You

Travel with Confidence

Travel medicine

Alek Pharmacy Ensures Your Health and Peace of Mind During International Trips

Exclusive Savings Awaits

Subscription Packages

Unlock Discounted Prices by Subscribing to Our Packages at Alek Pharmacy

Expert Medication Review

Medication Review

Our Dedicated Professionals Are Always Available to Assess Your Medications

Unlimited Access, Anytime, Anywhere.

Alek Pharmacy is Always Available to Serve You, Regardless of Distance

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